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list of nvidia features gpu

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  list of nvidia features gpu
by: serenediana, February 13 2018 20:07 (#1)

In general, the effects of in-game hair and hair are created by providing polygon strips as well as transparent texture on an object or character. Unfortunately this easy and inexpensive way will only produce a static visual and not eye-catching. With additional layers and animations, the quality and real impression can be furtherimproved. However, the dynamic movement of each piece of hair and the accuracy of shading is still not possible.

With Nvidia HairWorks that will add tens of thousands of dynamic hair strands and react in real to the movement of characters and other external influences, the details of the hairs and hair in the game will become even more realistic. The use of HairWorks also enables the effects of dynamic lighting to illuminate every single strand of hair more accurately so as to create a shadow effect that is also more accurate, making the image quality even more amazing.

In previous game games that have used Nvidia Hairworks, new hair aliasing will be seen when gamers use post-process or low-level hardware anti-aliasing. Now, automatically MSAA or Multisample Anti-Aliasing will be implemented by default on Hairworks, override the anti-aliasing settings selected by gamers. This ensures each hair will be seen in its best state. With the external influences of wind, water, and magic spells, as well as shading, shadowing and also highly accurate animation coupled with MSAA applying make The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the game that has the most realistic hair and hair detail nowadays.
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without Hairworks

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with Hairworks

Three options are provided by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for this Hairworks parameter. Off, Geralt Only and All. It can be inferred by the effect of each choice, Off will turn off Hairworks, Geralt Only make Hairworks effect will only apply to Geralt, and All will make Hairworks effect will be applied to all elements in game which have hair or hair in game . Gamers live to adjust the hardware strength of its gaming rig to produce maximum effect. The Maxwell GPU generation of Nvidia has the power to calculate tessellation up to three times as powerful as previous generation GPUs so gamers may find greater impact performance on other graphics cards.

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NVIDIA HBAO + Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion (AO) is a technology that affects the in-game shadow effect. The AO technique used affects the quality and accuracy of the shadow effect. Without AO, in-game scenes will look flat and unrealistic, objects will appear floating.

On The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, gamers have the option of using the Space Ambient Occlusion Screen (SSAO) or Nvidia HBAO +. SSAO has usually been modified to calculate AO at 1/2 resolution, 1/4 resolution and 1/8 resolution before merging the three and upsample the result to max resolution. While HBAO + calculates AO at its maximum resolution directly. Because HBAO + is a newer technique and has a lot of features added here and it's clear that Nvidia HBAO + will perform better than SSAO. If the usual AO performance impact technology is very large reaches 30%, Nvidia HBAO + technology has only a very small impact performance that is approximately 10% only so that almost no visible performance drop caused. As a result we can enjoy amazing shadow effects without sacrificing GPU performance.
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